Тишина ночного неба
Полный город одиноких улиц И фонарики вокруг в глазах горят В темноте стен полыхает ветер молча , Сцены шелеста теней играя без конца ... Мнимость разных звёзд по небу Освещает путь ко царству сна Тем , кто в глубине ночи не встретил , Свой покой без тучь мыслей сполна ... Тишиной ночного насладиться неба , Рано или поздно станет легче слов ... Без ответов улетят запреты Давних чувств и всех тревог Звук сверчков дополнит кредом Пейзаж сердца споведь звёзд , Лишь о том , что дни болело От полных будней забот
2020-03-24 22:57:50
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Позитивна Морквинка ( &Не Мілашка ;)
@Мадока уф да чтобы слаще спалось даж днём )👀👌
2020-03-25 09:23:57
Аааа, сохранила, ибо... Просто прекрасно 💗💗💗 нда, ну я всем так говорю, но говорю всегда правду, и только правду.
2020-04-05 11:57:33
Позитивна Морквинка ( &Не Мілашка ;)
@Меліса и все равно очень приятно и миленько )))🍫🧡🙈💕💕
2020-04-05 11:58:49
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The girl that questions everything,is a girl that needs many answers.She wanders the earth trying to find the person that can answer her many queries.Everthing she writes has a hidden question that makes her heart ache and her head hurt.She spends days writing sad story's that she forgets her sad life.Shes in a painful story that never ends,she's in a story that writes itself.The pages in the book were filled ever so easy,because her heart wrote it for her.She spent her life being afraid,that's what made it so boring.Finding her passion was easy,but fulfilling it was the hardest part of all.Her writing may be boring and sad,but it's what keeps her sane. "She had all the questions in the word,and he had all the answers." Lillian xx
Morgan Ray and Rose. ⏺English translation⏺ I will find flowers among the fragments of people, give them to you. I am so pleased that there is you, your love for me. I will give you a sea of hope, and lights that do not fade. My heart is only you, it falls asleep without you. I'm giving everything I have in me for you to paralyze the rocks. I don't want to To conquer fate, together to the very edge. We'll be gone on the penultimate day, but our lines will remain. All love is sealed here, in our phrases and ellipses. So, let's rise high, and forgetting about the holy, Falls of the rock. I'll take your hand, and everything, all around It's going to be the way you dreamed.