Black Soul
3 things:Chocolate, puns, and abnormality. You don't have them,you don't know me. Period.
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Life is Not A Game
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You Got A Friend In Me
I, as a friend will show you the brightest stars, but I won't make you reach out to them. I will show you the moon at its fullest, but I won't make you feel its beauty nor appreciate its glory. I will show you every possible pathway that'll suit you, but I won't make you walk down any of them. I will extend both arms to help you with no hesitation, but I won't make you hold either. I will tell you what needs to be said with all the sincerity behind, but I won't make you believe any. I will verbalize all the emotions storming inside, but I won't make you care. In return, I want you to value me as a friend. When you want me to listen to you, respect that I can hear. When you want me to talk to you, respect that I have a voice. When you want me to look at you, respect my ability to see. Do you know how? Listen to me when I talk Talk to me when I listen Look at me when I look at you Don't think about the misery that lies ahead, but think of the comfort that'll be given. So share with me not only the happiness in your smile, but also the sadness in your eyes. Let me share with you what I've buried inside, and don't let it be your burden inside. Look at me the way I look at you, Talk to me like I talk to you, Listen to me just the way I do, With interest and passion. ~~~~ I NEED HELP WITH THE NAME! 😫 Anyone willing to help? 🐼 OK, PROBLEM SOLVED! THANKS TO OUR SWEET @MelchizedekHoly
Those Eyes
In the world of darkness I lay Staring into the eyes of a body In the depth of sadness and misery I stare into those eyes That lay miles away in the light Yet in the brightness of the daylight And behind those bright, happy eyes I stare into a hole in them Where pain and emptiness hide from the outer world In that moment I realized that we're no different Those eyes were only hiding What lies beneath the happiness and joy Those eyes held an unbearable pain That was invisible From the eyes of the others But it wasn't invisible for me It was crystal clear And I was going to be there for her Because I knew the pain she felt I knew how it feels to be in pain with no shoulder to cry on I knew how much it hurts to smile when there's tears, dying to flow out So, I did what I always wanted for others to do for me I went there to those eyes I sat in the daylight and hid my pain just like they did I sat there next to her And held her hand "I'm here for you"
The Broken Soul
In an abyss void of emotion Where light is darkness And love is hatred I found the body of a broken soul Surrounded by grief and misery With eyes opened up wide seeking mercy But the mysterious soul of light Was nowhere in sight It left the broken soul shattered All alone Yet at the same spot I found a mighty power of an emotion Where the broken soul kept Mending its shattered parts Just to return to the same soul That started the pain To me that was love Where a soul can heal itself Thousands of times Just to be able to continue Loving the one who brought it all