Black Soul
*covered in paint and ink* Before you ask, I don't even know how this happened...
Those Eyes
In the world of darkness I lay Staring into the eyes of a body In the depth of sadness and misery I stare into those eyes That lay miles away in the light Yet in the brightness of the daylight And behind those bright, happy eyes I stare into a hole in them Where pain and emptiness hide from the outer world In that moment I realized that we're no different Those eyes were only hiding What lies beneath the happiness and joy Those eyes held an unbearable pain That was invisible From the eyes of the others But it wasn't invisible for me It was crystal clear And I was going to be there for her Because I knew the pain she felt I knew how it feels to be in pain with no shoulder to cry on I knew how much it hurts to smile when there's tears, dying to flow out So, I did what I always wanted for others to do for me I went there to those eyes I sat in the daylight and hid my pain just like they did I sat there next to her And held her hand "I'm here for you"
The Broken Soul
In an abyss void of emotion Where light is darkness And love is hatred I found the body of a broken soul Surrounded by grief and misery With eyes opened up wide seeking mercy But the mysterious soul of light Was nowhere in sight It left the broken soul shattered All alone Yet at the same spot I found a mighty power of an emotion Where the broken soul kept Mending its shattered parts Just to return to the same soul That started the pain To me that was love Where a soul can heal itself Thousands of times Just to be able to continue Loving the one who brought it all
Love in Injustice
I was a stranger to the world of love Until you up walked into my life And filled it with magic, wonder, and thrill You memerized me with the magic in your voice Your loving touch drove me insane I felt you in every single breathe I was so drowned in the depth of love To me you were the prince in disguise You stepped into my life, And designed it with pearls Little did I know That your like breeze And would fly off far away Leaving me all alone Love, Was this your justice to me?
Weak Bridge
Our relationship is like a weak bridge The more you walk into it The weaker it gets But although for that I still walk and walk on it And I'll keep walking No matter how weak it gets Because I know That no matter how weak it gets It wont ever break Love, what we have is unbreakable And that's what keeps me walking
Memories of Love
The memories that once drew A smile on my face The same ones that woke me Up in the morning for a reason Are now the same memories That haunt me in my dreams in the darkest nights The same ones that were so close to my heart are now living in my mind I once kept the smile on my face when thinking of them But now Those memories brought me to tears My memories of love I've hidden my love from everyone I've even hidden it from you My heart have cried millions of times for your love Althouh you've never said the words I can still see the hidden love Shining behind your green eyes Even after you've given up and left I can't bare to hate you My memories of love Are leading me to tears But they also remind of what We once had And that enough for me
I keep thinking dark thoughts They are circling my brain Showing me that I don't matter They speak to me in tongues Of languages I've never heard But yet I understand them clearly They are pushing me to the brink Driven by my own hopes of insanity Or maybe it's my own sanity Basking in my own glorious demise Reaping all the benefits of a wonderful turmoil Laughing as I continue to fight for myself My breath is thin and shallow My body is weak And my mind It is always playing tricks on me Constantly having me in its own world of make believe But I will not give in to such callous weakness I am a fighter, I've made myself by my own hands And I won't ever give up After the roads I've crossed