Arranged marriage
New connection
Motherless world.
Tough bonding
Glimpse of a past
To trust
Glimpse of a past
"Good job, Yuu" my father praised me as he patted my hair lovingly. I shifted in my seat as he touched me, my head never moved from looking forward.

"That boy certainly will be useless, we'll discard of him after you're married" he said with a stern voice.

"Father, wouldn't it be better if you were to win him to your side?" I asked.

As if he was in deep thought he leaned forward and started stroking his chin. But before he could say anything else the car had already stopped.

"We're home" I announced as i opened my door.

"Becareful don't harm your face" he warned as he rushed to my side.

"I'm fine" I said as I found my grounding. I made my way for the house with my dad close behind me and helping me.

As I fumbled and searched for the door knob, I finally opened the door and my mother came rushing to me, worry in her voice as she knelt before me.

"How's my girl?"

"Did you like the boy?"

She asked all kinds of questions as she knelt in front of me. Tears welled up in my eyes as she embraced me.

As if I was a foreigner in my own body.

"You're my last baby, I can't lose you too" she embraced me tighter.

"As if my life was worthless Why was I even born? " I wondered.

"Father I want to go to my room" I requested, my father quickly moved her from me.

As I requested, I was placed in my room, it wasn't all that bad just my movement was limited.

I wouldn't say I had a bad childhood, before the accident my family was great I was great, but now...not so much.


"You hear that Aizen?" my sister asked as she started pulling me towards the sound she heard.

"It sounds close" She said as she continued to pull me with her.

"I can't see, Yuu!" I shouted as I started to go down the bumpy area she led me on.

"I'm sorry!" she shrieked as we started tumbling down.

I grabbed her and pulled her over me so I can take most of the impact, a sharp rock found its way into my side as we picked ourselves up.

"Aizen are you okay!" she asked while her body trembled from worry.

"This is nothing" I giggled as I stood up, I winced from the pain but quickly hid it.

I could clearly hear the sound of a river nearby, she looked at it with amazement as she went towards it.

"Be careful, Yuu!" I warned her as she led me to the river, we hunched over  it and started to play in it. All the while she held my hand tight.

But suddenly she let go of my hand, and awed at something I couldn't see.

"Shh! Aizen it's a deer" She whispered while describing what she saw.

It was like I was borrowing her eyes, the details made me picture it vividly.

But I do wish I could see what others could.

As I was still imagining I realized my hand felt empty, I started to worry as I called her named.

Of course the deer would run off from the sudden shouting. But all I heard was Yuu scream before it all went quiet.

I stood there calling her name for hours, then my parents showed up.

Both parents were trembling as they held on to me, the wetness of there tears hit my cheek as I sat there not knowing whether she was dead or alive.

They claimed they couldn't find a body.

*end of flashback*

"I brought your meal Yuu" my mother informed me As she opened my door.

I stood at my window, upon entering my mother quickly sat my food down to pull me away from the window.

"You could've fell!" she shouted as she closed my window.

"Thank you mother" I said as fumbled to my bed.

"Aren't you going to eat?" she asked with a worried look, while she placed the tray beside me.

"I'm watching my figure you know, don't want my husband to look at me like I'm a pig" I laughed it off as I slid it onto my night stand.

"Alright, but promise you'll take care of your health" She said before kissing me on the forehead.

"I promise mom, I need my rest okay" I said as I rushed her out.

She left me alone to my thoughts, my world was not my own every morning and everynight I had to remind myself.

"This is not my identity" I whispered so low that even I could barely hear it
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