Arranged marriage
New connection
Motherless world.
Tough bonding
Glimpse of a past
To trust
To trust
"Miss Yuuki, your meal is prepared" a voice outside her door announced.

"Come in!" I shouted from her window, a sorrowful look in my eye as I looked at nothing.

"I was ordered to assist with your meal ma'am" the maid stated as she closed the door behind her.

"I don't want it" I stated blankly.

"Miss you aren't wearing your contact's today?" she asked as she stared at her beautiful opaque eyes.

"I have no reason to, mother is busy today and father is preparing my play date for tomorrow" I informed her.

"I'm free to be myself"

"Mira, why did you request to be my maid?" I asked.

"I felt I owed it to you to try and make your life as easy as possible" she answered.

A hand was placed on my shoulder and a sudden pull caused me to yelp in surprise.

Mira hugged me tightly, sweet words escaped her mouth as she held on to my small body frame.

"Your sister would be very sad to see you so unhappy" she stated as she released me from her tight hold.

"Mira, if I am to get married to this boy...can you keep a eye on him" I asked.

"I want to know what kind of guy he is, he ignored me when I asked him if he was forced into it" I informed her with a pleading expression.

"Yes of course" she accepted the task with no hesitation.

It grew quiet, do I call out her name or just leave it be.

Her presence was reassuring. I started to think back, I asked questions about him but he ignored them..."maybe he doesn't understand English?" I mumbled.

"He may be just as confused as I am?" I wondered before laying back in my bed.

"This isn't my identity" I mumbled before involuntarily closing my eyes. A split second all it took for my consciousness to leave me.


I woke up to nothing but darkness,no sounds to be heard, I could feel the ground beneath my feet.

A voice penetrated my ears. A small voice. Me?...Help me! called out.

I followed it, the small voice that reminded me of myself. Not knowing where I was going. I followed that miserable voice. You found me! The voice shouted excitedly.

This voice... wasn't mine! Who are you! I questioned.a small giggle escaped from the entity.

"Don't forget your name" the voice whispered.

A warm embraced engulfed me as the warm breath tickled my ear, a name? My name? I haven't heard it in years... whispered into my ear.

The once warm embrace grew cold, the warm breath on my ear disappeared, alone again? I sat there holding onto myself. The world around me shaking violently.

"To be myself will mean my life will be over" I mumbled.

*end of dream*

My mother shook me softly, a melodic tune escaped her throat as she pulled me into a hug.

"Times like these make we wish I could see her face...her emotion" I thought as I allowed her to hug me.

I wasn't fully up, but I wasn't sleepy anymore either. I wanted to be myself and be loved. But I didn't want to hurt my mother.

My heart ached at the thought of her killing her son for the sake of her daughter. I knew she loved me and this way it's like she have both kids in one body.

"But....she's the one that's seen the most"

I bit my tongue in hopes it drew my tears back, I didn't want my mother to see my cry. Her sweet voice entered my ear as I realized she apologized.

"For what?" I thought. I wanted to ask but I couldn't bring the words to come out.

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книга «Dark days».