Arranged marriage
New connection
Motherless world.
Tough bonding
Glimpse of a past
To trust
Motherless world.

Just as I was about to get the courage to walk up to her, my father and the large man came walking out the door.

By the way his belly was rolling and trembling I deduced that he was laughing, even my father had a smile on his face as they shook hands.

Before I knew it me and the girl stood face to face with one another. I was nervous all over again. I could see her lips moving and then she extended her hand to me.

I did as I saw my father do and shook her hand as well.

"Good job" my father signed with a proud look on his face.

At that time I got the courage to ask the question that's been on my mind since I got the privilege to come from the basement.

"Dad, where's mom?" I signed while looking at him. I was waiting for an answer
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