Arranged marriage
New connection
Motherless world.
Tough bonding
Glimpse of a past
To trust
Every day is the same. I look around but I see nothing, I feel nothing, I hear nothing--it's an endless whirlpool of self-pity and disappointment.

Since I was a baby I've been left in the dark; if it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't even remember my own name.

Besides her, I had no one. In those times, I felt like a caged animal--never quite able to grasp my own freedom.

Memories of happier moments were all I had to entertain me while being imprisoned. Visions of a younger and happier me danced in my mind, back when I still had a glimpse of that small light.

I extended my hand to grab hold of that light, but it always disappeared before I could reach it.

I was surrounded by cold air and the stench of death, as if a rigid corpse were laid to rest beneath me.

I didn't want to look at myself, terrified of what I'd see. Some days my tears flowed uncontrollably, and without permission.

"The disappointment on my father's face, my mother's death, and the feeling of helplessness spilled over my cheeks in the form of tears."

"But, one day.. surely, one day, I'll be free from this darkness.. right?"

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книга «Dark days».