Arranged marriage
New connection
Motherless world.
Tough bonding
Glimpse of a past
To trust
Tough bonding
"Why would he bring him up here, after all these years!?" the step brother questioned in anger.

He walked down the long corridor at a quick pace, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.

"What should I do?" he wondered as he bumped into his father.

He noticed His young step-brother standing beside his father, and a large man stood in front of them, the man his shoulder rose up and his belly rolled as his head tilt back.

"I need to get closer" he Thought as he manage to get close enough to hear.

"This is my youngest son" he gestured to His little step-brother.

"Son!?" he was exasperated at how calm and cool he was about calling him a son.

"He locked him up as if he was an animal, he could do worse to me" he Thought as he looked at his father with fear.

He saw his step brother head outside,   he continue to watch his father and the large man walk the other way.

"Which one?" he Thought as he looked towards the door. He decided to follow his dad for more information.

"I might have to get rid of that kid"

His father sat his guest don't on the sofa as they both got serious and started to talk in a more professional manner.

"My Yuuki is a very well taken care Of, her blindness isn't a weakness" he stated in a serious tone.

"She may not be able to see, but she can do most things alone" he boasted with pure love.

He looked to the boy father for His outlook and his response, but like a statue he sat there with nothing to say.

"I'll treat your daughter as if she was my own, after all we will be a family one day" he said with a small smile.

"Our children will inherit our business, are you confident a blind girl can handle that?" he asked with a serious expression.

"Your son isn't blind, he will be of help to her, and she can help him due to her ability to listen"

"They were a match made in heaven" the large man stated with another fits of laughter.

His fist clenched he snuck away without being seen.

"My heritance, my girl, and even my dad...that bastard is taking it all away" he mumbled as he was deep in Thought.

He subconsciously walked to the door, the door where he saw his younger brother walk out, while his eyes searched for him.

He found  his brother and a girl, He was amazed at her beautiful black hair.

"So long"

"Kusake what are you doing?" his father asked from behind him.

"Oh father, nothing I was making sure the kid was okay" he answered before quickly walking away from the door.

"Well, Such a caring family" the large man stated as they walked outside the door.

Kusake clenched his teeth in annoyance, a glare carved in his facial features. He walked into the living room and sat on the sofa deep in Thought.

"Kusake dear?" his mother walked into the room where he sat.

"Yes?" he answered while standing up.

"Have you seen your father?" she asked.

"He's with his real son" he stated as he sat back down crossing his legs and pouting.

"Why isn't he dead, you said i would be the one to inherit the money and business!" he snapped angrily.

"Your father will come to His senses, right now let him attempt to give his useless son a chance" she said in a soft tone.

"The poison is slowly killing him, this is probably His way of trying to get rid of that deaf woman son" she warned.

"Only you matter my beautiful boy" she whispered in his ear while rubbing his blonde hair.

Out of no where, a sudden bump was heard and they rushed to see what was happening.

The sudden look on His father face made him nervous, his hand clenched at the sight of His youngest son being thrown to the wall.

His eyes looked cold as ice, as he glared.


He watched as his mother rushed to his side before he could do more damage to the house, she cooed loving words in his ears as she walked him away from the scene.

Kusake took a quick glance back  before following behind his mother and father.

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книга «Dark days».