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Beauty in storms
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Paw Paw
When it was hot outside in the summer I would always stay in And sit around and wait  For my paw paw to come home again. My Paw Paw was the king the house He had his own chair. He had a place for his hats Even though he didn't have hair.   And in his top dresser drawer  He kept his coins in a sock. And his favorite thing to say was  'Your Heeeaaaddd is as Haaarrrddd as a rock'. He likes that old slow music  That doesn't have a real beat. And he never bought us candy Because He didn't have strong teeth. But despite all the other possible things , My paw paw could say and do His love for his family, Is definitely true. He woke up early in the morning Everyday of the year And he prayed for his family. In his favorite chair. He would collect cans and cuts grass And although that sounds strange Everything that he earned he saved, He considered it spare change. He wore hats in the sun But not to keep cool. He was so proud of his kids, That he always reps their school. He took pride in hard work He was a retired blue collar. Instead of living the fast life in the streets, My Paw Paw was chasing dollars. But when I learned the truth about his grind I will forever pay him homage. Because my Paw Paw worked day and night, To make sure I made it to college. All those days of laboring in the sun Were not just for meaningless fun. He passed down that hard working character Down to his kids and grandson. And even though what he earned with Those cans didn't add up to a lot. It was the spare change in his socks, That kept me off the neighborhood block.  He denied his sweet tooth  So we could see his truth. He told us to always go to church And serve the Lord in our youth. And he knew there was a possibility that I might one day stray away So he made sure I was covered in Christ. Like an umbrella on a rainy day. His hats and His socks Has all been passed down to me. With hopes that one day I will lead my own family. My brothers it's hot outside. But instead of staying in, Let's put in work for our sons, And show these boys how to be men.
Stand Firm
Don't let them blow you away. With their shrink ray. No matter what stand tall. You were never meant to be small. Eventhough it appears you are the one one they always comment on. Hold you head up high and Just let them carry on. You are at the top of the pack You are the master of your fate Doesnt matter how much they hate Its up you to be great. Don't be intimidated by their words Even if they taunt and jeer Show them you are immune to their jealously. Show them you are not moved by fear. Your destiny is so close. Prepare to take center stage. You don't have to be like everyone else. It's ok to be the renegade. So brush that dirt off your shoulders. And watch it fall to the floor. Tell all of your negative leeches, That they cannot feed on you no more. You can not harbor their shade. So make it loud and clear That you feel good about yourself. And only good vibes are allowed here.
Its You
It was your smile that chased my cares away. Being with you brightens up my day. You are so beautiful I think I otta pay. For whatever you want each and every day. You are the rainbow that comes after rain You are a song that I love to sing If you were a gem you'd be my pinkie ring. You shine so bright you are my bling bling. And I dont ever want to forget this feeling I never want to forget the way I feel Everything that we do with each other. Always seems to feel so real because Its you, its you, its you. You give life to this dead soul And I never wanna let you go. You give life to this dead soul And I gotta make sure you know. Its you. More beautiful than any supermodel You are the butterfly that I'd love to follow. Youre like a summer Sunday sun set You are my reason for not giving up yet. And just for you I'm gonna put you first And always remind you what youre really worth. You 're more precious than the finest gold. And the perfect reason to grow old.. With you.