Andrii Katiuzhynskyi
Ідею будь-яку зробити можна віршем, Але чи варто - це питання інше!
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Переклад пісні групи "Лінкін парк"
Переклад сонету Шекспіра#11
Новости, Разное
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Із циклу "Вислови мудреців" Той, хто вміє ходити - Не лишає слідів, Хто величнеє здатен вчинити - Багацько не говорить слів. Той, хто бачити вміє - Дивиться, ніби не бачить нічого, Хто уміє чекати - той розуміє - Що саме все приходить до нього. Коли ти на позиції - лунає звідусіль: - Кожен в житті свою знайти повинен ціль!
A Havaiian legend about a red flower
The version in the English language Ohia - is the first tree, breaking through the solid lava, The red floret - lehua is blooming on its twigs; But, please, don't pluck this haematic flower - At the Havaii - it is a symbol for those, who in fidelity and love believe. Ohia was the strongest of all men and very handsome And Lehua was the most beautiful among the girls; But when Pele saw Ohia, goddess of fire wished to know the answer - If the strongest of all men fancies to merry her. The warrior denied her - he loved Lehua only, Pele got angry and turned him into tree, Gods felt pity for the girl and not to leave her lonely - They changed her into flower - for lovers forever together to be. Until red flowers are blooming in the silence - The weather always will be warm and mild; But when you pluck a flower - wait for weather violence - In such a way Lehua misses being apart with her beloved.
A non-classical sonet
The version in the English language I will be listening to songs of birds - So sadness will be drowned by a river's flow; Then suddenly I will remember face of yours, And all would go back to the way it were - in my soul. Your image - desired and blessed - Won't hurt me - when I think of you; Though it for me - an uninvited guest - We've spent together moments not a few. I do not ask you in my fantasies to fly, But wonderfully - as though on somebody's whim, When I am sad or when retire for the night - You're coming up in my thoughts and dreams. The time is flying, quickly passing by - But often love doesn't let us go - who knows why?