Feeling empty
How sad it is to lose an important person in your life ... a person you have always been with ... in joy ... in sadness ... in difficulties ... in pressure ... always share every moment that passes in your life ... how difficult this is Feeling, others may try to make you happy. They say they feel you, but no one will replace the person who left, and no one will understand how you feel as long as they have not tried it. I have lost my brother " mouadh "... my brother is gone and I will not be able to see him, but I pray every day that I can see him again in my dreams and check on him in the place that is in the depths without touching him or hugging him only. I hope I saw him in my imagination ..
2020-06-13 16:53:32
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Unbreakable heart
Behind your back people are talking Using words that cut you down to size You want to fight back It's building inside you Holding you up Taking you hostage It's worth fighting for They'll try to take your pride Try to take your soul They'll try to take all the control They'll look you in the eyes Fill you full of lies Believe me they're gonna try So when you're feeling crazy And things fall apart Listen to your head Remember who you are You're the one You're the unbreakable heart
Рятувати старі ідеали немає жодного сенсу, все сведемо до творчості або дикого сексу. Зруйнуємо рамки моральних цінностей, напишимо сотні віршів і загубимось серед вічностей. Наш голос лунатиме і поза нашим життям. Дівчинко, просто тримай мене за руку і віддайся цим почуттям.