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Feeling empty
How sad it is to lose an important person in your life ... a person you have always been with ... in joy ... in sadness ... in difficulties ... in pressure ... always share every moment that passes in your life ... how difficult this is Feeling, others may try to make you happy. They say they feel you, but no one will replace the person who left, and no one will understand how you feel as long as they have not tried it. I have lost my brother " mouadh "... my brother is gone and I will not be able to see him, but I pray every day that I can see him again in my dreams and check on him in the place that is in the depths without touching him or hugging him only. I hope I saw him in my imagination ..
My darling
You will never be unloved by me You are too well Tangled in my soul
Sometimes that feeling comes when you find yourself hating everything, and you don't want to do anything. To some extent, you cannot discover the kind of feeling.