I love to read/write poetry it is my escape from this painful and yet beautiful world
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My Life
Emotions Depression Anxiety Tears Family Scars Pain Misery Friends Wishes Love Betrayal Fears Defeat Trust Hopes Dreams This Is..... MY LIFE!
All I remember is tears Crying after I heard her yell In my eyes you can see my fears I wish that I could escape that hell Years passed by I fell in love That was when I began to lie I began to wish I could fly to above Scars on my arms Scars in my heart I have been hurt by many harms Because he and I have to stay apart He found another girl A girl who said mean things I wish that I could be his pearl Or maybe at least grow wings I want to fly away Away from those who I thought were my friends I don't care wich way As long as my pain ends I wish I had someone to love Somone who will hold me while I cry Someone who won't let me leave to above No matter how hard I try I wear a forever mask So they won't see what I hide And even if anyone bothers to ask I will never tell them what I feel inside I remember a time when I felt real joy A time when I happily carried on A time when I was loved by A boy But now all hope is gone All I do is shed tears Crying when I hear them yell I am surrounded by my fears Will I ever escape this hell
I wish I could fly away Away from all harms I no longer want to stay Stay in the devils arms This devil makes me cry This devil makes me believe hope is gone This devil makes me feel like I shouldn't try Try to still carry on This devil is hurting my mind My hopes are going down the drain This devil I want to find So I can ask why it's putting me through all this pain But when I look around It is clear to see That this devil is not found Because this devil is me But I am stronger then this devil in my head Because I don't care what it has to say And someday this devil inside of me will be dead And I will be okay