~QUOTE~ "Never trust anybody in life because all of them are becoming a traitor".-Lorraine
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Dive Through Darkness
I'd like you to feel my emotion, I want you to feel the way i show devotion, Then told me everything you see through me, I want to know if my soul is as dark as the empty sheets. The feeling of drowning under the ocean of sadness, Is like torturing yourself in the world not so blessed like kindness, Your scars turned into a wound, You always break now like a wood. Words now are turning into a weapon, Like knives, guns and such things as poison, It kills you physicaly but it also kills you mentally. You were suppose the burning flame and the light in your world, But somebody came in and crushed your soul, Youre now the blue and cold flame, You feel nothing but always see the blame. Loneliness was your friend, He served as your magical shed, But your already dead, Cause sadness waited until the end.
I'd only wish you to pray and stay, To not bring harm to me and to not go away, It hurts me whenever you told me im not the one, So i stepped back and told you im clearly done. Im sorry if i wasnt enough for you, Im sorry if i left you out in blue, But you don't know how much im still inlove with you, In every goodbye turns into i love you. I may not be the girl you dreamed of, But i may be the girl you used to think of, I am still the girl who always kisses your cheek, But now im the girl who has tears in her eyes and blink. The pain you've been given was already enough, But you didn't care so you let out a laugh, That made me think that i wasn't at the top, And i was right that's why i was completely numb. In every cold replies there was always a pain, That means im tired and drained, I let ou a sigh then it started to rain, Its the time we need to separate lanes.
Love was a wonderland, Love was a lie, Love was everything, Until everything started to die. In every sweet "goodmorning" turns into bitter"goodbye", I would laugh,scream and start to cry, Do i need to remind myself that past is past, But everytime i see your pictures i don't see love but lust. Im not mad because you used me, Im in pain because you set me free, My feelings for you werent over, But yours was totally over. So here i am standing in our room, Remembering the shattered pieces and loud thud boom, I wish you were, I want you to know i still love you dear.