Sometimes I clap off beat Especially when I stomp my feet Sometimes I trip and stumble and when I’m nervous I might mumble  or cuss or say something i shouldnt say That could be so rude it might ruin your day And sometimes I can go off on a tangent  without giving it much thought.  The one thing me and my my mom have in common———-errrrrr sometimes I lose my train of thought.  Sometimes I see myself as a no one, a bad lover A bad son, and friend, and brother. ...I’m flawed.  And with all of my issues, quirks and undiagnosed anxieties. In can stand before you and say I love the flawed me. Because when I look in the mirror from my head to my toes.  I love everything about me especially my big funny looking nose.  I am my biggest critic So I don’t really need your shade. I am accepted by the One who is Ancient of days. l’m flawed to the core but my heart is light. Because when His strength is made perfect I know I’m gonna be alright. So go ahead an judge me but I wont be ashamed. I'm happy with who I am and I dont plan to change. Flawed people run the world and hopefully you can see. And when that time comes hopefully you can accept being flawed.
2019-01-05 11:42:57
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Пусть весь мир подождёт, счастье придёт, грусть унесёт. Ведь ты так прост, что сердце полностью берёт. И даже рана не убьёт. И всё плохое заберёт голос твой. Даже, если жизнь швырнёт. Я поцелую — Всё пройдет. Ты поцелуешь — Всё заживёт.
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