There’s this kid in my class  His name is Dougly We used to be friends We used to be buddies But one day we got in a fight  And we got real muddy And my teacher called my mom  She said I was acting thugly So my mom was upset She thinks I play too roughly But it all started in class Everyone was feeling bubbly Laughing and telling jokes Everything was lovely Then Dougly said something mean He said my pants looked like Huggies So in return I told the class His mom last name was UGGGLLLLYYYYY. We used to be friends  We used to be buddies  But after that day  I no longer talk to Dougly. It's such a shame now how  we used to get along And how we let mean words  Destroy our genuine bond. I really miss the times we  laughed, played and had fun.  Because when it came to being friends Dougly was my number one. I know now what  being a friend means So from now on no fights or saying mean things  And if we were to ever cross paths again  I'll do whatever it takes To be Dougly's best friend.
2018-08-28 10:40:43
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That's a sad poem...... The story behind it is so heart touching..... Loved it♥️
2018-08-28 11:44:32
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