It's Gonna Be Ok Little Angel
If there were some way to Talk to that innocent little Angel to tell her what I know now I wonder what that would be like Would I be able to warn her of what will happen? Would I be able to encourage her to go another way? Could I tell her that I believe her? Would she believe me? Could I tell her what not to say or do? Could I warn her of each tragedy before it strikes? But then I wouldn't be the person I am today! but so much will happen to this little angel It's gonna be ok little angel, I know things are so hard right now having to live in this horrible nightmare being so scared to move, to speak, to think And your trembling in fear From all the dark, evil shadows that are lurking around you It's gonna be ok little angel, you have not been abandoned or deserted Its gonna be ok little angel, you will not feel alone I know that it feels that way now As you are burdened with all your sadness It's gonna be ok little angel, there will come a day the sun will shine so bright into those dark clouds that surround you although it has been so very long that you can't even remember what that's like. It's gonna be ok little angel, just continue to stay strong Through every journey of life I know how very hard that can be When it never feels like its gonna end. Its gonna be ok little angel, I can promise you that God will send you a wonderful friend Who will help you through each & every journey And you will become like family, They will surround you and protect you It's gonna be ok little angel, just know it's not your fault You were never meant to carry this burden alone It's gonna be ok little angel, you are not who you have been told to be But there will be evil ones who will try to cause you more pain and anguish It's gonna be ok little angel, you are worth so much more than the one who gave you a name It's gonna be ok little angel, you have been chosen by a much higher power By the one who has rescued you Even after your heart has been broken, scarred, and frozen It's gonna be ok little angel, everything that I am telling you is so very true I know how hard it is for you to be able to love and trust again Because your heart has held so very much heartache and pain inside Because of this evil world you were brought into Because you have been beaten and broken down And it leaves you wanting to run and hide away forever Its gonna be ok little angel, who can blame you? You've been taught right from wrong but only the opposite With all that you have been through You can't see one speck of light through those dark clouds that surround you It's going to be okay little angel You will make it through And things will be so much better one day although with all this pain, you can't see a break through God is bringing you peace and comfort through it all. You are his child and he Loves you immensely He will never leave you nor forsake you like so many people in your life have One day you will help others by your testimony. It's gonna be ok little angel, you are and always will be wanted, You are God's beloved child although your past is being haunted And not all has been made right He will one day make it right you will Always be God's child And will never be forgotten, But held with his loving arms It's gonna be ok little angel, I know how hard it is To believe and understand right now That loving fathers actually do exist, Who will always protect you and never hurt you But sweet little angel, you are loved, Far greater than you could ever imagine By a Loving Father up above I know how hard that can be to imagine right now But God's love is a love that is pure, and true The kind of love that I know you dream about every night Because sweet little angel, I am you; So trust me when I say this and have no doubt in your mind That we are going to make it through together Things will be so much better one day I promise you And its gonna be ok little angel
2018-09-27 23:08:30
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