I am an member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.
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Rude. Stuck up Brat These are a few of the things I've been called. Is it because I mocked and teased? Is it because I shouted and hit? Is it because I made someone bleed? No I did none of those things. Rather it is because I said No. Because I said no to adding you on Facebook. No to letting you be my valentine. No to giving you my number. Does that make me rude. Am I a Brat just because I rather not? Is it true I am stuck up for saying no? Is yes really the only way to go? Even if I say it nicely? Why though? Why can't I reject and still be polite? Why must my anwser always be Alright. Why can't I say no and still be a friend. Why must I say yes when I really want it to end. I mean no harm. I don't mean to hurt. Yet the moment your mouth opens. The minute the question is asked. The only acceptable anwser. The only one you will accept. Is Yes.
The Light
Blinding light, piercing the shadows of the night. Monsters and Goblins flee before its brilliant yellow glow. It's long blue handle gripped tightly between the child's fingers. Under the bed, out the window, and into her closet she shines it's brilliant glow. Scaring away all the creatures of the night. Climbing into bed she holds it close, Fearfully gazing into the darkness of her room. With a yawn and a sigh from her fingers it falls. To the ground with a thunk it's light is dispelled. Asleep at last till morning light shines. The light forgotten as unicorns and pixies dance through the mind of the slumbering child.
Be more thin. Wear more makeup. Are you a slob? Stop eating so much. Wear this, wear that. Be our perfect little barbie doll. This is all we hear. Day in and day out all the world does is complain about us girls. You tell us to starve ourselves just to fit your pefect little mold.  You tell us we are ugly if we have a blemish. You force us to hide who we truly are just  to please. Well no more.  We are not your barbie dolls you dress up in pretty clothes. We are not a possession you can toss away when old. We don't need to wear globs of gunk on our face just to please. You don't get to decitate how we should and should not be. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, and aunts. We are princesses, royalty of our Father in Heaven. We are enough just the way we are. If you can't accept that than too bad for you. For we are Daughters of God and He says we are enough just for being us. (From my book Fiction With A Twist)