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I thought I'll survive, no matter what,in this world full of lies, Until I knew what life had in store for me, Were none other than silent,painful cries. I knew life had a way of itself, With twists, turns and encounters unaccounted for, But never did I come across one, Whom I found myself caring for. Hatred, wrath and guilt, were all that I could feel, Until the day she came, And my guilty heart did she steal. I felt as if I were being broken- Broken, changed and moulded into someone who wasn't me, For I knew the real me wouldn't ever expect, Even if that was the last thing left to be. My mind and heart, chose their own different paths, Screaming in silence, I disappeared, Into a wilderness of thoughts and lies, From which I could never return I feared. Blinded by love, I chose the path which my heart desired, But little knowledge did I have about the world, When one day she disappeared. Promises were broken, ties were cut; Lies were revealed, And my heart was shut. Nothing was visible to me, Except the old, faded picture of us, Before I felt my heart shatter, Into countless shards of broken glass.
They say life is an echo, what you give is what you get. So where did my love go? I know , all they did is forget. They say life is a game, you have to play it till the end. I say it is harsh and unfair, Where there's no one to befriend. They say life is a gift,the greatest gift of all. I say life is nothing but a race, Where there's no one to pick you up when you fall. They say life is like a book, full of chapters both good and bad. Then why is it, that when others fall They do nothing but feel glad? They say life is like a camera, where you 'capture' the good and 'develop' from the negatives. If it were so, then why do they tell us to think positive? Life is full of contradictions, Full of tears and of smiles. But the one who wins in the game of life Is the one who has lived for miles and miles. Life, as they say it, is easy though it's hard Life, as I say it, is nothing but a person without heart. Ruthless, tough and painful times are what one gets, When he doesn't know the consequences, when he expects.