Queen Morgana
Don't judge a book by its cover
Стихи Все
Nature you are such a beautiful creation. You have so many flowers to shower . Of different colours sizes and shapes, You give us fruits like mangoes , grapes... and so many . You have so many hills,mountains, seas,oceans and fountains. You made beautiful butterflies and birds. How could you manage all these! God had given us work. We should keep you untarnished, But we failed and polluted you our own Loving mother Earth.
The Giant
And how would you like it Supposing you were a frog, A emerald scalps with a pale trembling throat if a tremen lous monster, tall tall so his head seemed lost in mist ....... Leaned over and clutched you up in great fist. Just joy, of watching you jump scramble tumble fall, in graceless shivering Dred......l Back in the trample seed's that were grown so tall ..... You would think it was a joy