Aracely Ara
Hello my name is Aracely i AM a cool girl and i have some hobbies my favorit is drawin🍃
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Part of a song
There was a time when i was alone no where to go and no place to call home my only friend was the man in the moon and Even sometimes he would go away to then one night as i close my eyes i Saw a shadow flying high he came to me with the sweetest smile he told me he wanted to talk for a while he said Peter pan THATS WHAT they call me and i'll promise that YOU never be lonley and Ever since that day i AM a Lost boy from never land usually hanging out with Peter pan and when were bored we play in the Woods always on the run from captain hook run run Lost boy they Say to me...........
Darkness is in me i always try to run away and show my TRUE COLORS but darkness keeps and gets stronger cause all i been through i JUST wait and i need that person or something to see THE beauty of life with nature and not to see my darkness and MONSTERS that are inside me
Part of my LIFE
I never knew how love felt i was always alone cause i couldnt talk and i was hated by Everybody cause i would talk to this guy that was popular and they never knew that he knew sign lauguage and he Will spend time With me and he Will always look at me like if i was the only girl there and se were bestia Friends for 5 years then this day came that he ask me out on a date and he probose to me and se were in high school and he told me I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT EVERYBODY THINKS I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU I DONT CARE THAT YOU CANT TALK YOUR SPECIAL UNIQUE AND TALENTED JUST THE WAY YOU ARE DONT LET NO ONE BUT NO ONE TAKE THAT FROM YOU CAUSE THATS WHAT MAKE YOU PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE since then i don't CARE what people tell me that that did this and did that i don't care JUST that they ARE they and no ONE would channge that FROM them