Mairi Gello
Frustrated at all.
Стихи Все
Am I as comely as you are?  Why don't you like me? Why do people hate me? Why they just walk and fade away? Am I as homely as I am? Why I can't be friend of yours? Do I deserve to be treated like this? Why do I felt like I'm nonexistence? Can you just spare some heed? I'm just wanted to be part of you. Is it unfair to hope for that? I'm tired, tired to be different. Judgment   eats my whole me. Discomfort, disclaim, disconsolate. All of that burn me into pieces. Why life is so selfish, self-love.
To The Man I Will Marry
I cannot promise you a life of happiness. I cannot tell you memorable phrases. In all the years that will passing by. I cannot give you the stars in the evening sky. But I can promise you a hand to wipe your tears. And a little loving hugs to calm your fears. I’ll take your hand to hold in mine. And be together through all time.
Once, there was a girl, crying alone. While sitting, listening to a song. Murmuring in the darkness of night. Wishing for your attention tonight. Will you just walk away? Or not ashamed to offer your shoulder? 'Coz she really wants to cry out loud. Shout her feelings, clear and loud. But the night was so silent. Nothing she can do except to keep quiet. So, just crying she can make now. Either the time let her allow. But the night goes so slow. As she can't cry tears no more. How she wish he's with her. For her sadness to come over.