Kurt Mattson
August Winter
why did you have to paint everything with gray? im here in this august winter on this rooftop to stay, you cried and said nobody cares for you, i wouldn't endure this cold for nothing, babe i held your hand, "it's gonna be fine" it wasn't and it won't, we don't have much time the sun's rising and our moment's dying, heart's pacing, tears streaming down to the river of heartbreak heard you said, "what's the point of loving if it leads to this" i leaned and blew a kiss and the search for certainty fades away "don't think of tommorow, think of today"
here in the darkness your light put me river of tears, this boat afloats save me with your love once again with a cost, this heartbreak never ends endless cycles of heartaches ugly faces and bitter cakes dreamt i came to your open arms i woke up and those dreams never last your sunshine did nothing but burned me 'til i became ashes of pain with the wind, im here to help you breathe im a fool, loving and ending up dead
sitting there smiling, so enchanting eyes glimmering all for someone else feels like falling all over again without you as my witness sitting here with my heartbeat racing all these butterflies i'm gonna kill it isn't right but feels like worth fighting sweet and heaven, when will you feel same path but i turned and you didn't this love for you seems so impossible can't deny you painted me rainbow then leave me dry and cold sitting there smiling, so heartbreaking eyes glimmering all for someone else feels like dying all over again with myself as the only witness
Knew You Were Trouble
You were never clean Drugs and parties, your hobby Then you found me You said you'll change You said you'll gonna rinse everything That chains you from trouble But you lied, I believed wrong When I first saw you I knew you were trouble You broke me, can't be glued together the pieces And then you left, your footprints I'm never gonna be clean again