August Winter
why did you have to paint everything with gray? im here in this august winter on this rooftop to stay, you cried and said nobody cares for you, i wouldn't endure this cold for nothing, babe i held your hand, "it's gonna be fine" it wasn't and it won't, we don't have much time the sun's rising and our moment's dying, heart's pacing, tears streaming down to the river of heartbreak heard you said, "what's the point of loving if it leads to this" i leaned and blew a kiss and the search for certainty fades away "don't think of tommorow, think of today"
2019-09-07 13:21:42
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Don't know what to do
I wanna making you laugh, I wanna making you smile. Please do not kill this love, I'm only touched you while You was wondering by my warmth. I don't know what to do without you; So many days ago you brought Small hope into my boring life, too. Blue eyes like an immense ocean, Your first words like a dream. I'm fall in love with you more, However reckless it may seem. My little devilish angel With radiant smile, You are my own danger. I will always stay inside Your hot heart. You taught me, that memories Are never die, So for me it isn't very dangerous. You are here, but at a so long distance Of many kilometers in eternity. Your care and worry about me amazed My heart. Next to you is no adversity. I don't know what to do without you, My first and single soulmate. Don't kill this love, don't kill me too... Our love appeared from my hate. It is a turning point now, So what will you choose? Yes, you don't know, how... But we really cannot lose! ____________ And there is nothing more pleasant yet than to feel the love of a person who hates everyone now. Перевод на русский: © (Copyright, 2019) ⓝⓞⓡⓐ
Я отпущу с временем дальше ...
Так было нужно , я это лишь знаю Ты ушёл как ветра свежости дым Оставив на прощание " прости ", Забрав с собою частичку души Я больше об этом перестала плакать , И начала двигаться дальше забыв Хоть было то лето яркости сладко , Но больше не стану также любить , Хоть постоянно всплывают твои лести фразы , Что мучали глубоко теплотою внутри, Я отпущу с временем дальше И буду двигаться без лишней слёзы, Я не веню тебя за такое решение И понимаю почему было так , Но время летит незаметно Ничего не оставив с собою забрав ...