Ruqayyah Jkh
I am i & you are you & this is what makes us beautiful in our differences...
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Our story...
" One world observatory" she wrote.. She is THE world observatory... Three years ago, our path got separated.. In these years I have work endlessly towards one main goal.. Getting back to you... As your lover, as your student.. Today as nature is taking back what was taken from it.. We, humans, are waking up hopefully.. In this awakening, one thing remains constant.. One truth.. Being still in love with you... Both a curse and a blessing.. A curse no one could break.. A blessing no one could take away.. "Write your story" she said.. Goodbyes are never easy whether early or late.. You could not phase out what you could not understand... Your part in my story didn't end that day.. Our story lives inside of us.. People we love stays with us forever... In every breath I take... In every thought I have.. In every prayer I do.. In every waking moment of my living soul.. You are remembered.. You are called upon.. You are ever present..
In the end we gonna have to trust that its going to be fine... That sometimes one need to trust.. And if history repeats itself, there will be a lesson to be learned... The best way to conquer fear is to face it... Being paralysed by it, is not gonna help anybody.. To trust is to accept being vulnerable to the unknown...
There is no such thing as being wiser in matters of feelings... Sooner or later we get fucked.. Attachment to one we have never seen nor met is one of the dumbest thing one can do.. When done, all it can make is ache.. It hurts after one sided love there is such a thing as one sided attachment... Walls were made to keep people out.. Yet here we are.. Beautiful while it lasted.. In the end hurting people ought to be wiser... I almost forgot how it feels to care.. The restlessness, the urge to talk to that soul,the attachment..