Angelie Bacalso
Small writer,writing,drawing,song composing,10th grade student,and performer.
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I Wish I'll Be Like Them
I always been sleeping With an impossible dream In the dark I am singing Where no one can hear me sing. I walk and walk and walk I keep on going, going, on I stepped the thorny roads Starting line for reaching my dreams. I know I will be not like them And I know this is me and not they are But, still I thought I'm small and they're famous In my dream I say I could also be famous. But, I wish I'll be like them I wish I sing like them I wish I am the girl in front of the lights And everybody claps on me. I wish I'll be like them That I can make my audience jam But, again and again and again, I keep on saying, I can get this big thing. I am a dreamer And there's no impossible If you were eager Nothing is unreachable. Follow my writings on #mirakee
Fly High
I have a dream that I will always bring A dream that everybody wanted When I was a child it's always in my brain When I sing a song I can't stop movin'. Fly high Fly in the sky Reach the star 'Coz I want to be a star. Forget the hates Haters are the best Challenge to Achieve your goals. When I will be on the top of the mountain I'll feel the soil 'coz I'm still in the ground Even though I will fly higher My feet are still in the ground. But, don't forget The love from the God that He gave to us And always pray 'Coz He will help you when you will just move. Fly in the sky Forget the haters It's challenge to achieve Your goals in life.