A girl full of heartache, poems, and the need to save her pack.
Стихи Все
These cold Decembers and shrugged whatever's Are making it hard for me to remember A time when happy thoughts were easy to render My emotions are in a swirl And I'm just a single lonely girl How can I possibly make it in this hard world? I'm feeling low And my heart is a mess But the therapist says that I'm not depressed But what do they know? About my ups and lows? I feel like my heart is beginning to slow I'm crashing down I think this is it My head is spinning And I need to sit Its crazy how I got here How I used to have no fear But now all that's left is this pain And I'm starting to feel a little bit insane The night is closing in And the lights are starting to dim Tell me, who in this game Could possibly win?
My Truth
So you see these cuts on my wrist And the ones on my thighs Dont let them come to you as a big surprise You saw them coming Because you're also at fault Weren't you the one who said to go take a walk? So here I am speaking the truth How could you turn your back on a person of my youth? You tell me how you had it bad And that I shouldn't be so sad You say I should be grateful But I just end up being hateful I feel like I'm going down Because this world isn't slowing down In my head its dark with slumber And now I think I'm going under Do you know how it feels to be me every single day? You look at me and I try to seem okay We're struggling can't you see? We're trying to be the best we can possibly be But that doesn't matter now Because we're just a few faces there in the crowd So maybe at night when you think about the day and what you've done You'll think of the kids who've go no one So this is it, this is me And I'm here begging on my knees, asking you please Could you ever be fine with Me being me?
You know that I love you And that I don't want to let you down So please stop looking at me,  with a mad frown You showed me and taught me, to be more independent But I think you went farther than even you intended I'm not really okay on my own But I try to be to show you that I am grown I read one of your diaries and how you were depressed So how can you look at me and say I'm not a mess? You've told me I'm overweight and that I should lose a few pounds Now I can't look at myself so I just stare at the ground You're no better than me And as far as I can see, you're the one who needs lose some of that honesty You tear me down and make it hard to look up Why don't you just say it, just tell me that I suck! I can't believe I'm saying this, and it really is true But a part of me dies each time I become more like you I just wanted you to be tender, and maybe give me a kiss But because of you there are scars on my wrist Its hard to be your daughter And I wish that it wasn't For you to be proud of me, well that'd be a present You've given me panic attacks and suicidal thoughts too That's why I never want to become like you When I have a daughter and she's feeling down I won't be the one who put her on the ground In a couple of years or a decade too I promise that I'll be a better mother than you.