And when the strings melted .... With what piano was whispering in harmony
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Drip.... Drip.... Drip.... As every blood drops Time seems endless Like my pains will be..... There's nowhere to run There's nowhere to hide I just sit here waiting for eternity Slowly and silently watching my own demise I ask myself more than a thousand times Why do I go through this pain Each and every single time? I took endless turn In hope for a dream.... Walked through unknown paths In hope to heal my shattered heart... I reached out for the beautiful sky But crumble upon into the pieces This eyes of mine searching for light This heart of mine searching for hope This soul of mine searching for life... **********
With You....
Puddles of reflections Damp mosaics of faces Muddy blobs of distractions Soiled races Waterfalls of love come down Like mirrors of future You and I run Past time's sculptures Splashes of brown In the sky of green We bathed in the petrichor Of nature's screen Barefeet on pavements Named after us We smile at the sun At the break of dusk.... ******* Inspired from - kimi no na wa ( Your name )
Can You....? Can I....?
Can you hear me ? Can you hear my voice ? Can you see my pain? Can you feel the edge Of my shattered heart ? Can you see your reflection In the pieces of my soul ? Can you feel this pace Of this rhythmic breath ? Can you feel this touch ? Once filled with gold And now only with rust.... The sound of helpless cries Had never sounded so beautiful Broken rhythms killing me inside.... Destorted image ripping me apart Tell me..... Can I get a fresh new start ? Tears of blood now falling like rain Tell me.... Can I get another chance without this killing pain ? ********