Azeemah Jimoh
An animal and nature enthusiast and a Muslimah who loves to read stories and write one!
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Sleepless nights
Думки вголос, Цікаве
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From the crevices of my heart i seek The warmth of a lovely sight Entrapped in the comfort of nature Enshrouded by the solace of sweet air Filling my heart to dulcet melodies of soft winds Drowning in the beauty of mother nature Nothing brings forth that true solace For it was the only way genuine peace spring forth If I were to dream of a fantasy It will forever be drowning in the beauties of life For it is, My Sanctuary
Time and again I bask In the warmth of a mother's gaze Dreading a day it turns cold Time and again I deflect The solace of a lover's presence Revering a possibility of loss Time and again I fight The darkest of urges that peaks Terrified of losing and giving in Time and again I smile Basking in the assurance of my esteem Content in seeking the goodness at my forefront Time and again I override The fear that seeks to consume The fear that seeks to render me weak For It is only but an emotion That can be controlled That can be restrained
Beneath the dark sky, Blanketed by array of stars Furtive gazes wondered In awe of nature's beauty Few seconds turned minutes Few minutes turned hours Never tiring of gazing With eyes memorising its features Amidst seeking constellations, A miracle without exception Glowed through the sky A perfect luminescence The Aurora borealis, Green aura vibrating with life Seeping its energy through their beings Bringing forth a myriad of happiness With the break of dawn Gazing at the life force one last time So pure and full of life It will forever be etched in memories to come For it was the perfect embodiment of magic