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Riddle 2
Nearly everyone fears me , Those who do not fear my sister more. She is a lovely liar , But a rare few prefer my my painful truth I can start wars . I can start revolutions . I can take your breath away . I can give you sight . There is very little i cannot do And so i must be the beginning . What am i ?
Riddle 1
Anyone can use me , But if you look for me , You won't find me . I am the true difference between The happy and the sad. I can be everything you want But in reality I am nothing . What am i ?
I will be a Queen
Is it just me Or you can see it too The death awaits me at the door But i can guess why he never comes I still have some time left I still can win the battle No one has to die yet Maybe just the Darkness 'Cause it's way too dark . I don't undestand a soul Neither will i bother doing it It's not worth the trouble But i'm gonna' do it I'm gonna' fight And i'm gonna' win You will all see that I will be a Queen !