One more time, I don't know what to do without you. もう一回雨が必要です。© 2 0 0 5
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Gently calm in Smile
Прошу, запомните меня счастливой. Не обращай внимания на слёзы. Пускай на фото останется улыбка, А на бумаге - неисполненные грёзы. В глазах бездонный океан эмоций, С воспоминаниями в сердце вечность. В руках американо и белые розы. И всё же... Не теряйте человечность. Как-то странно в зеркале видеть Прикрытые глаза и неестественно длинные ресницы. В лучах заката не будет отличий Меж свежестью, утренним ветром и грустью на лицах. Прошу, запомните меня счастливой. Не стоит видеть, как часто скучаю. Не стоит слышать тихие всхлипы. Ведь это всё, на что меня хватает. Повседневность в выражении лица, Искренность в каждом движении. Тихий шёпот и искорки смеха в глазах. Не нуждаемся в уединении. Нежное спокойствие в улыбке И эстетика в прикосновениях - Рядом с тобой только эйфория И неизбежность за её пределами. Прошу, крепко обними за плечи, Дай уткнуться носом в толстовку. Тёплый чай, полуночные встречи... Ну же, побудь чуть-чуть строгим. Помолчи, играя на гитаре И просто дай мне послушать. Чай потихоньку заварим, Отогреем сердца снаружи. Оставишь на губах долгую теплоту И сладкое послевкусие уходящего дня, Переплетая тонкие пальцы. Не упаду. В высоких небоскрёбах отразится закат. _________________________ Отдельная благодарность за критику @ledi_lis и @SLA ❤
Oh gods, I still love you. It's crazy, my angelic devil, Yes, dangerous but true. And you can't stop it never. Just let me gently say: - I will find you again, - And watch to sea waves While you will stroke my head. I can love, I can keep Secrets and make you laugh, So of course I can leave And slowly kill you from within heart. Many evening messages, That are written with the hope of meeting - They are my reasons For bright smile and dreaming. But I don't, I don't seriously know What to do without you. My pulse is low. All memories about our moments together Makes me say: I am with you always & forever. Oh demons, I really… fall in love And put on pink glasses again. Dreams raise me to the clouds… We will need another rain. There is rap in my headphones, And I keep thinking about the meaning of life. But all thoughts converge to you slowly… It's our spring, sunset and stars in the sky. Like a strongest poison in the world, Like a hope in your blue eyes, Love can't to be sold, But it emotionally can shine. Where you at now? I think that I don't wanna sorry, But I broke, I broke your heart So you and me are worry... Whatever, stay with me, Because memories are never die. And only let me see How you will be happy & fly. ________ Перевод на русский (не дословный):
Don't know what to do
I wanna making you laugh, I wanna making you smile. Please do not kill this love, I'm only touched you while You was wondering by my warmth. I don't know what to do without you; So many days ago you brought Small hope into my boring life, too. Blue eyes like an immense ocean, Your first words like a dream. I'm fall in love with you more, However reckless it may seem. My little devilish angel With radiant smile, You are my own danger. I will always stay inside Your hot heart. You taught me, that memories Are never die, So for me it isn't very dangerous. You are here, but at a so long distance Of many kilometers in eternity. Your care and worry about me amazed My heart. Next to you is no adversity. I don't know what to do without you, My first and single soulmate. Don't kill this love, don't kill me too... Our love appeared from my hate. It is a turning point now, So what will you choose? Yes, you don't know, how... But we really cannot lose! ____________ And there is nothing more pleasant yet than to feel the love of a person who hates everyone now. Перевод на русский: