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Time 17:02 pm

Three cops came to Smith's residence. They were Morris, Lauren and Jason.
Smith and the cops were discussing something.
Robert was eagerly looking at them.

Smith ordered the cops to protect Robert at any cost.

Smith-    You all should stay in this house till 2nd January and don't let the outside world know what we are doing here.

Morris replied   But why? Why we are hiding it with others ?

Smith -  If  we leak this information, there will be a rush of press reporters here and we can't guarantee cent percent protection for Robert.

Jason replied    Okay

Smith receives a call from his subordinate, whom he ordered to arrest Dr. Janet.

Subordinate said   
Smith, Janet is not in her residence . Her neighbors said she left this place today at 15:45 pm

Smith replied        Put the whole team in duty. Tell them to search every inch of this city and trace out Janet.

Subordinate replied      Okay.

Smith canceled the call.
He saw Stan and his gang members waiting outside his house .
He walked towards them.

Smith told Stan    We need to protect Mr.Robert . Cops are protecting him from inside the house and you guys should make sure his safety from outside.

Stan asked about his payment.

Smith replied     Is 10k  okay for you.

Stan replied   okay that's enough.

Smith said    Okay then don't give me your weekly commission for the next four weeks.

Stan was unhappy with Smith's offer but he agreed.
Smith with a loud voice    Don't let anyone except me and the cops get inside this house. Don't let anyone know that I hired you.

Stan replied     Okay.

Stan and his whole gang was hiding on different corners of the street surrounding Smith's house.

Cops and Robert were sitting in the couch having some drinks.
Smith was looking at  the movements of Stan and his whole gang through the window.

Next day
Morning   30th December 2016

The whole world is celebrating new years eve  while Smith, Robert and the cops were super busy.
The other batch of the cops were searching for Janet.

In other corner of the city a man with thick beard and long hair was looking at a wall where photographs of Robert, Smith and ten other people's were pinned.

Janet was coming towards the man.

Janet asked     Ron , how can we reach him ?

( The name of the man with thick heard and long hair was Ron, a former UFC fighter )

Ron replied       Everything's fine. He'll be dead before new year.

© Sharun ,
книга «The Conspiracy».