To the name of Allah, most beneficent and merciful
To the name of Allah, most beneficent and merciful
Prayer is the only connection you whisper on the ground and listened on the sky.
Sometimes we are begging a lot but we failed, so do not lose your hope my dear!

He will listened your prayers soon or late, he will give you response of your whispers assuredly.

First of all we should appraise our daily routine that how we participate for the gratification of Allah;
Do we fullfil his decrees, follow his verses or don't hurt any creature of Allah?

These all pretext are the border between our prayer's acceptance.

If we infringe to his Salat, he will forgive us, to his fasting, forgive us, to his Hajj, let off...

But if we hurt someone, here he will not forgive us because he cares his creatures a lot, he wanna fulfil the rights of his creature and the best thing to pleasing his creature is your best manner that how you treat them.

Prophet Muhammad[P] said:
"Your manner(Akhlaaq) will be the best thing hereafter."

and also said:
"Allah send me to finalize all aspects of gentility(Akhlaq e Hasna)."

Hence this is the foremost thing in the relation among Allah and his man this is the reason of his agony or blessings.

So if we cheer someone he will gladden to us twice or thrice, he is the god of blessings and his blessings is endless.

So your lord is so kind and how much care about his creation then;
Why he can rescind your prayers?

He accepts your prayers, but you don't know about what is the best for you?
Sometimes you beg something slight but he wanna give you something high, you can't estimate his motives you just look your benefits at that time but he is looking your overall.

Maybe he likes your tactic of prayers that sometimes we urge to our beloved similar.
If he is delaying your prayers, of course he gave you the capacity of patience, in such situation you wanna look inside you that how you powerful to be patient on anything.

"O the best creature of Allah"
Always remember that this world is mortal, we should struggle for hereafter an immortal life and be patient on the things we do not received here.

All of our prayers will be rewarded at ressurection's day. We will be gleeful at those moment and wonder that may Allah didn't accept our all worldly prayers.

"So be thankful to Allah"
He is your creator, he know the best strategy for you.

Say in his Holy book:
"Call me, i'll response you surely." thus, he will give us response quickly or late, small or high, it is depend upon our patience and faith.

Keep remembers;
"Everything isn't best for everyone."
He will rewarded better and indeed He is the best hearken.
© Manqabat Husnain,
книга «Listen My Lord».
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Quanee Khan Quanee
To the name of Allah, most beneficent and merciful
Mind blowing
2018-10-14 18:35:40
Quanee Khan Quanee
To the name of Allah, most beneficent and merciful
Alhumdullillah its optimistic
2018-10-14 18:36:39
Koffi ERIC
To the name of Allah, most beneficent and merciful
GOD is great 🙏🙏
2019-11-18 13:42:38