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"Yow, those ice cream drops are lit. Gonna get some." One in my circle of bestfriends said, Travis. Weird right? But that's what we are, our friendship was composed of four persons including me and somehow, they're more than friends. They're family.

He saw a stand selling those little ice cream placed on a stick and being him as a food lover, even though he never got fat in his lifetime and always had a built body, directed at the store with a goofy grin and a dishevelled hair.

"You're so fugly, Travis." Sheena said as the rest of us followed him at the ice cream stand.

Class had just ended and so we were on our way to the parking lot just four blocks away from the school. Travis said it was a cooler parking lot and had a more uptight security system than the university. He also couldn't afford to hurt his newly bought convertible ford. But it's not like there's some stealer or illegal spraying happening around. Sheena and Kevin did the same for their cars, I didn't have one simply because I couldn't afford those since it's my decision to go independent and not lean on to my parents' fortune.

"Shut up, you guys. Here." He said while distributing his treats to us, but as an ice cream, it did naturally melt under the strong winds of California.

The people at the stand were increasing and so the rest of them just decided to wait for me on a waiting shed quite far from this stand. The sun was giving them all kinds of headache. I didn't get one ice cream since the stock on their mini-refrigerator was all sold and so they needed to get a stock from wherever they placed all this stuff.

There were many students that had different uniforms, from another schools.

I looked ahead of me and saw a bunch of guys with another uniform clapping their hands together, as if congratulating someone with them, and after that, they were shouting, "Go, Nathan! Go, Nathan!".

I turned around to face the stand, only to face a getting impatient vendor holding my ice cream drop. " Oh my gosh, I'm really sorry." After getting the drop, I started to walk to my friends. The guys that were shouting earlier were now blocking my view. I couldn't get myself to speak and so they watched me with amusing grins and suggestive stares.

One of them stole my attention and not in a bad way. He had auburn hair and looked dishevelled, his features looked just like those man-models in the magazines.

"Darling." He also had a different accent, with a soothing deep dark voice and those blue eyes that you could dive right in. I bit my lips as I stared at him. I stared at him. Gosh, what an embarrassment.

"Your drop's melting, let me clean in for you." He was approaching me closer and closer. I couldn't breathe from what was happening. Somehow, my inner voice told me he's a dangerous guy. Suddenly, I became a statue.

While I was holding the strawberry drop, he tilted his head and I swore I saw his sharp jawline and his tattoo hidden on his neck from the clothing. His scent was intoxicating, his nose was really perfectly carved. He then kneeled his head lower and licked the ice cream that was melting.

"Sweet, I always have a thing for sweeties." Then winked.

"Come here don't be shy, let's make-out." He whispered while the rest of the guys stared of what was in front of them. I cringed, bringing me out to reality.

"I gotta go... my-my friends, they are waiting." But I was a girl with a small figure. I had no enough strength to barge them, or even excuse myself to this embarassment.

He grabbed my hand forcefully and buried his nails to my palm with great pressure, it was definitely hurting me. He then started to walk, still holding me. I couldn't breathe nor shout. He was just so manly and big. Like he was a guy who always got what he wanted. I searched for my friends, hoping they would atleast glance at me but as I spotted them from afar, they were laughing from something coming from their phones.

The unknown guy brought me to a deserted spot where people avoided because of a foreign bad smell.

"Stop, please." I said but wasn't that loud. I stared at my hands and found the traces of his nails on my palms. That was when I realized I was crying.

He opened a door and it looked like an abandoned factory building or something. He grabbed my hand again but not with a strong force like earlier. He let me sit on a surprisingly clean plastic chair.

"Let's get this over with, you got it?" He stated, panting slightly. His voice was monotonous.

I didn't know what he was currently doing, but he kissed me unexpectedly. It was raw, strong and desperate. I never got to kiss someone and I didn't know how to act or how to synchronize my lips to him. All I did was I closed my eyes, hoping this nightmare would end sooner.

I couldn't stop him, he was strong. He trailed kisses on my neck and my collarbone but his auburn hair caught my senses, it smelled good. Not that I wanted to confess or anything, the worst I could do was make him notice that.

I realized he was taking my uniform off, like all my clothes. I tried to push him away with all the strength left in my body but he didn't barged even an inch. I doubt he even felt it.

"Don't make me punish you, Maria, you're going to regret it." He half-shouted this time and it surprisingly silenced me. My breasts were in a show and he was now sucking my nipples, the foreign feeling rose.

"Please." I moaned. He was ambushing my senses. He then buried his face on my stomach, bit my skin on the process. Of course, it hurted me.

I was crying very hard, I couldn't breathe well. This never happened to me once, I was a virgin. My lips weren't kissed before, my nipples weren't sucked, damn, my body wasn't even to show on before.

"Stop now or I will do something... that's gonna fucking hurt you more."

He didn't took off his clothes, just unzipped his pants and showed off his part. I had never seen one before but I'd definitely say his' was above average. I was getting more and more scared, frightened. He then got something from his pocket, a condom. He eventually placed it on his hard part.

"Just stay still." He mumbled under his now nervous breathing. I just couldn't understand why a guy so handsome and attractive like him would do something so disgusting such as this. I'm sure there are countless of girls who would volunteer to be in my place, obviously not me.

He pressed his' inside me and I shouted, gripped the leaning on the chair tighter. The pain from my palm didn't help. His part inside me made my body stiff, I was hurting.

"Fuck, don't tell me you still a fucking virgin?" He asked, a hint of guilt on his voice.

"Yes." I replied.

Then he fastly covered and placed back his' on its place and left in a dash while I was left there crying all alone.
© Kurt Mattson,
книга «Call It What You Want».
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thin thin
emmm,only prologue..yet it is so interesting,if have another chapter,it will be more interesting.i am looking forward to latter chapter.
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Ahh so good
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Somaya Sam
I love it
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