The walk home
My family
Im proud im fat
The beating
The end
The beating
i was in the parking lot with spike i was scared he said ready piggy no going back i said im ready donkey he was mad first hit he throw his fist at my head then i hit him in the ball twice. the punch me in the ear it was bleeding i uppercut him he fell down then he friends step in and kick me punch me i kick i punch but i got hurt bad spike got up kick me in the face then ken came punch the guy in the face his nose was bleeding spike pick him up threw him to the medal on the floor he knock up kenny i was mad i got up and jump on spike and his friends i gave them a shiner i found some tape and tape their face hands to the wall i pull down their pants i called every kid to see them i took ken to the nurs i got bruises and bloody ear i was strong and fat i was pround of me so it brings us back here i now stand up for myself now and forever you always stand up for you THE END😀😜😎
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книга «The judges».