A night with a hundred moons
A night with a hundred moons
My eyes lied upon the destiny unfolding in front of me. It borrowed the color of your hair and the scent of a spring night, somehow cold but charged with the burning desires of our souls.
We danced to the sound of songs that will never sound the same again. We let our souls gaze at the depth of their own weaknesses. Now you are one of them, the reflection of a dream that I could almost touch before it faded away, ineluctably.
We waited for a gaze, we looked into each other’s minds, we found ourselves caught in the magic of our hands’ touch, and in that sweet crazy moment the impossible seemed real, and in the blue of your eyes grew the desire of a never coming farewell.
An odd hug and the promise of a beginning, a spark lighted by chance, an instant was enough to understand the perfection of what we weren’t brave enough to confess yet.
We smiled that day, we let the sun caress the shiest of our dreams, the most beautiful and daring of our dawning thoughts.
Some claim they don’t believe in magic, but just because they haven’t seen us yet. You were a wonderful dream, a night with a hundred moons.
But I know now that what I truly want is pure reality, a paradise made of real people.
© Andra Stars,
книга «A night with a hundred moons».