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Sealed lips
There is something i want you to know There is something i want to share There is something i want to live There are moments i wished you'd slow down to my pace There are moments i wish i had something to share things you desired to indulge in There are moments i wished I was with you There is a lot a i want do with you If only i was bit louder maybe you'd have heard it Or if only i over unsealed word filled neglected sac of emotions For freaking once my lips would have said something
No more
Wounds fade I don't no more Tears are forgotten Not me instead, no more I walk under Bowers On pasteurs The age of deserts is no more O drinks of nectar Gratitude take ye gifts For I stay thirsty no more Days i give you good the best of me I wait not for gifts niether accept the unwanted ,no more I'm no coward I m no memory no more I fall no more I don't stop flyin no more
There came a time then They called the war It pained them too I thought as far But now i weep As a grey skinned sheep Marching to become a hero no one will remember Paying for the mistake of the one who lead a nation Our lives are now distributed as ration I see only red Smell just gunpowder, fire and metal The earth is drenched It seeks to run but where to ? Oh gaia holding the sky Mankind has sinned against your peace too Shackled you to our pride of sacrifice for no reason The dust is blurry i cant see you mourning the days of beauty Victim i thought were we, but Have ye suffered bits to bid For you again I hold on to a memory Listen then to this night story That you might sleep a good night sleep for just another night Just two miles a time My dear gaia There used to be a time when i used to see a blue sky Smell earth Bleed gold Cry joy Hold hearts Sing dreams Sleep in your arms and wake up Run around Birds Chirpped The bullets didnt It's alright My dear gaia It's just one more night I'll see you Just two miles more Two miles a time One night a time (War is scary people🥺😐)