L Kenny
Закоренелый графоман, имеющий совесть выкладывать свои ш0девры на всеобщее обозрение
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Why перфекционизм? Why прокрастинация?
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Year by year Day after day She stood at the window Looking away She waited and waited For smth to happen But nothing has happened Year after year She prayed to her God To relieve her existence To give her a sign but God was indifferent The wind kept on blowing The snow kept on falling She thought he forgot That she's still here alone She prayed for his goodness She prayed for the envoy The one who was special To help her enjoy Who'll give her the meaning Who'll show her the life The one she could go for No matter the time But God still kept silent "How could he ignore? Are whispers and prayers For nothing at all?" And when she got sad And she almost lost hope God finally answered her: «Dear child, nope. You're looking for something That doesn't exist Nowhere in the world But in only one place It is right inside If you try to look deeper Give it a try, get some rest And you'll hear The voice, it is yours, You don't need someone else To live happy and have Everything for yourself You're tired, I know, So let free of these chains Like a bird to the sky You can fly far away»
I've seen these places in my dreams I've been there doing smth weird And I've been looking there for you And I was watching clouds running I flew to smth far away I thought that I could fly again I ran away from smth scary But I could only scream for waking up Familiar places there look strange And you're not stranger for me there I wish we meet one sunny day I hope in real life you'll be the same