Anna Filippova
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Перевод стихотворения М. Лохвицкой "Вещи"
An endless boredom is my daily fright, Which spoils my entire living, Which tires hands and crashes my mind, Which I am in vain burning, giving. Oh, you, my cartons, feathers, files, threads, The laces, scraps, my buckles, band, The hooks, the bottles, beads and rags My daily fright of gloom and sad! From where are you? For what aim are you? Will come heroic man for me? Who will not see old things or new? But throw rubbish sans a plea.
Перевод стихотворения М. Лохвицкой "Быть грозе"
The storm will be, I see this now In a suffering dim light In the poplar's moving boughs In the alleys, in the night. In the heated greatest might Of the rays which closed by skies In the haze which is very tired Of your dear loving eyes.
Перевод стихотворения М. Лохвицкой "Если б счастье мое"
If my happiness were an eagle If it flew with pride skyward I would pull my bow with all my force I would get it, no matter living or corpse. If my happiness were a lovely blossom If it grew on the cliff which is so high and awesome, I would reach it I would have no pavor I would pluck it and smell its beautiful flavour. If my happiness were a rare ring And it were in the sand, in the creek, Like a mermaid I would go to the sea bed It would shine very brightly in my hand. If my happiness were in your heart, Day and night I would burn it with secret light, So that I would have it whole forever It would only for me throb and quiver.